So it snowed today.

I woke up this morning and the roof on the house across the road was covered with a fine dusting of snow. An hour later and what had been a light feathery snow fall had escalated into a mad flurry of big snow flakes that were settling in an alarmingly thicker layer.

Fast forward another couple hours and the snow has almost completely melted. The sun peeked out from behind the grey gloom and all was well with the world. My fear of icy, slushy pavements was completely unfounded and although the air outside was bitingly cold it was bearable when experienced with sufficient layers of wool, cashmere and Uniqlo Heattech.

So what I wanted to say was that I look at life like British weather: completely unpredictable and possible to change at any moment. I can only do my best and pray. This may sound defeatist to some but I believe it has more to do with faith and truly giving up the dependence I have on what I alone¬†can do and start to properly rely on Jesus’ strength and guidance.



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