A trip to the zoo

I went to the zoo two weeks ago, for the first time in my life. When I was younger I never went because my mother didn’t agree with the idea of caging animals, and felt uncomfortable about supporting it, and my dad just went along with her. I spent enough time on farms and around horses and various other domestic animals growing up, so I didn’t miss out on animal interaction as a child. Also I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything because you can’t really miss something that you have no inkling about, really.

Then, at the ripe old age of somewhere in my late twenties, my best friend suggested a day at the London Zoo. There’s a new tiger exhibition, she told me one day over lunch. Also there’s a penguin beach at zoo.

Well, I couldn’t really say no to tigers and penguins, could I?

So we rolled up to the zoo, got our tickets (2 for the price of 1, with the purchase of any two rail tickets) and there we were: a pair of childless, non-romantically linked adults in 36 acres of zoo, surrounded by either photography-mad, affectionate couples or squealing kids and their parents and/or teachers.

Over the course of the day, we managed to see every single exhibit in the zoo. We started at the Aquarium, logical, considering its proximity to the entrance gate, and ended at the Snowdon Aviary, which was much smaller than I expected.

Here are a few pictures I took. I don’t have any good ones of the tigers, although I took far too many of the penguins. I’d definitely recommend taking a proper camera to the zoo if you ever go because as convenient as my phone camera was, it also didn’t get the great shots that any half-decent modern digital camera could manage, especially when it comes to zooming in.

IMG_1876  IMG_1887 IMG_1915  IMG_1920.2   IMG_1953  IMG_1988.2  IMG_1998  IMG_1996

They definitely don’t accurately represent the London Zoo – there’s so much more to see and it’s a fantastic place, although I could see what my mum meant when she said she wasn’t keen on seeing wild animals in cages. Some of the big birds of prey, especially, looked rather sombre. However, I do believe the zoo is an invaluable place for education and as far as zoos go, this is probably one of the nicer ones to visit.

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