Spring (and shortbread) madness

So spring has finally arrived. It seems as if everything and everyone is making the best of the warm(ish) weather, and I am no different. I’ve been for long walks and picnics in various parks and just generally chilled. For now, I just intend to make the most of my free time, so in addition to working my way through the library and making a few stabs at my own writing, I’ve also walked around the city sketching whatever catches my eye. Looking at my surroundings with an artist’s eye really does make a difference – so many things stood out that I previously did not notice.

I often have my head in the clouds, but I do want to share some pictures that I feel best sum up my wanderings over the past week:






Over the week, a few friends came round to mine, in different groups and so I made shortbread, twice. One lot was the cinnamon version, and the other, on request of my best friend, had chocolate chips folded into the dough. Both worked perfectly, with both variations worked around the simple sugar, butter and flour recipe that I found on BBC Food. I think I might try folding in a mixture of white and dark chocolate chips next time, or perhaps encrusting the bottom half of the individual slices in finely chopped nuts.

For now though, pictures of cinnamon shortbread followed by chocolate chip shortbread:



I think shortbread is perfect for visitors because it’s so simple and quick to make, yet fixes that sugar/butter craving so well. I have yet to meet anyone who refuses the offer of shortbread.

This week I have an interview, so I won’t be baking. I just pray I get the job! However the interview goes, I’ll probably do either celebratory or condolence baking, so expect at least a photo post next week.


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