Figs and goat cheese

I already have a draft post that’s been half-written for nearly a month now. The problem with that is that there’s too much to describe and I think I’m a little too pedantic, which makes it more work than it really should be.

However, I had a lovely time in London over the weekend and thought I’d share a little of what I ate.

First, I made figs and goats cheese as a quick starter for lunch on Saturday. I believe figs are in season now, and the figs we bought certainly lived up to that, subtly sweet and juicy. I picked up some goats cheese from the butcher down the road – it’s a gorgeous sweet, cheese with a rind and creamy outer layer similar to camembert, with a firmer, almost crumbly centre. After slicing the figs open with a cross-cut (see this for a proper written description), I wedged a small piece of the amazing goats cheese in the centre. Then I baked them at about 180-200°C for 5 to 8 minutes, just enough to melt the cheese and allow the figs to warm up a bit. It’s a classic pairing and I certainly understood why after the first, warm burst of sweet and salty melted cheese in my mouth as I bit into the fig.

photo (2)

The second picture I want to share is something I ate in a restaurant, rather than what I’d made myself.

I met up with some old friends in Islington and we picked a restaurant at random, which was Comedor Grill and Bar. I lingered over the menu for a while before I finally decided on the scallops in parma ham, with pork belly. Just as the waitress was about to take my order I realised that it was served with black pudding lollipops, and unfortunately the only thing I don’t eat is offal. When I brought up this problem, the incredibly bubbly waitress said that the chef would be able to substitute the lollipops with something else.  

When the dish arrived I almost didn’t want to eat it – it looked so pretty!

photo (3)They substituted the black pudding lollipops with some incredible thick cut chips. The pork belly was crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside and the scallops were perfectly fried, the thin parma ham melding into the white flesh and creating a brilliant textural contrast. I can’t exactly remember what all the purees were, but everything tasted great. The service was decent and the general ambience pleasant; we were also given tiny beef empanadas and jelly mojitos on the house to start. I’d definitely recommend eating in Comedor.

I had a great weekend, and the food definitely helped with that. I’m glad I had that weekend, as this week is turning out to be a surprisingly dreary one. I hope it takes a turn for the better, or that my self-motivation improves.


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