Durdle Door, Dorset

Earlier this year, I visited Durdle Door in Dorset. I never got round to writing about it, but as I was going through my photos, I realised that I have some truly remarkable shots of the seaside, which I just have to share.

The weather was rather dull – clouds and grey skies – which makes the electric blue shades of the water even more impressive.

Please also note that with the exception of the last photo, all the photos are completely unaltered – no filters or colour adjustments.



The name Durdle Door refers to the limestone arch.


While walking along the beach, I saw this dog that looked like it was having an absolute ball. It played cat and mouse with the waves for a bit before it actually dove into the water. At that point its owner intervened and took it to a slightly drier spot to play in.


This cliff face made me think of an actual face, and a rather menacing one at that.


Hop over to the other side of the beach and you go from dramatic, stormy seas to  calm, inconceivably blue waters (inconceivable for the UK, not so much if I were in the Mediterranean).


Many people, including this photographer above climb up to one of the highest points with bulky cameras and tripods and set up their equipment right at the edge. I stuck to my phone and still managed halfway decent photos. Then again, when the material is this good, it’s pretty hard to get wrong (just ignore the slightly out of line horizon; I was trying hard to get over the fact that I was perched on the edge of a cliff).



On the way back from the beach, I saw this unusual road sign. After asking, I found out that the British Army does artillery training here and the tanks need to cross the road from where they park to the training grounds, hence:


I’m still amazed at the colour and clarity of the water there. Any time I’ve spend by the seaside in the UK is on the Kent coast, and while I’m not disparaging the beauty of the beaches in Kent, we definitely don’t have dramatic coastlines like they do in Dorset. It just shows that it’s good to explore other places, even if it’s just for a day or a weekend.

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